Santa Cruz Sentinel: Animal Planet’s Dave Salmoni, Exotic Animals Wow Students at Mount Madonna School

Santa Cruz Sentinel, 11/14/2012, “Animal Planet’s Dave Salmoni, exotic animals wow students at Mount Madonna School,” by Stephen Baxter. Photos by Kevin Johnson. Read more (and view a video clip from the presentation) at: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/education/ci_21991023/exotic-animals-wow-students-at-mount-madonna-school 

Coastal Classroom: Students Study Marine Science, History and Ohlone Culture

On a trail below the highway bridge connecting Pescadero State Beach to the nearby marsh, students huddle together and listen quietly to a story about the lives of the Ohlone people – early inhabitants of the area. While people frequently learn history through museum visits and reading, this group of Mount Madonna School (MMS) third and fourth graders was in nature’s classroom, spending two days along the north coast learning about marine science, coastal ecology, and local history.

Buddy Science: Students Kayak and Learn Together at Elkhorn Slough

Mount Madonna School teachers Lisa Catterall and Hamsa Heinrich smiled and looked on as about 30 students frolicked together at the shoreline, enjoying a break after a morning of kayaking together at Elkhorn Slough.

“My favorite moment was at lunch when we played at sinking down to our knees in the wet sand, and discovered all kinds of interesting life in the mud-flats,” said twelfth grader Aimee Hopkins. “We even found a red ghost shrimp.”

Automated Messaging System

Emergency Power Announce Test:

Wed, Nov 18, the school will be testing our Power Announce system. Expect to receive a test message at your email, phone and text (if you have designated texting). There is no need to respond to the message or alert liaisons.

This is our procedure for letting everyone know when School Closure happens or emergencies. We call school for the following reasons:

  • Roads are closed
  • No electricity at MMS Lower Campus
  • Emergency services have designated hazardous road conditions and it is deemed dangerous for students and buses to drive to MMS 

Transportation Procedures

Communication of Change in Transportation:
If you are changing your child’s transportation arrangements, please call our school office the day of the change and inform the receptionist or you can email . They, in turn, with notify the teacher and write a note for the bus monitor, so all are aware of the change.