Automated Messaging System

Emergency Power Announce Test:

Wed, Nov 18, the school will be testing our Power Announce system. Expect to receive a test message at your email, phone and text (if you have designated texting). There is no need to respond to the message or alert liaisons.

This is our procedure for letting everyone know when School Closure happens or emergencies. We call school for the following reasons:

  • Roads are closed
  • No electricity at MMS Lower Campus
  • Emergency services have designated hazardous road conditions and it is deemed dangerous for students and buses to drive to MMS 

Transportation Procedures

Communication of Change in Transportation:
If you are changing your child’s transportation arrangements, please call our school office the day of the change and inform the receptionist or you can email . They, in turn, with notify the teacher and write a note for the bus monitor, so all are aware of the change.

Welcome Back to School from Head of Lower School

August 8, 2012

Dear MMS Lower School Families,

The summer weather has arrived on the mountain as we begin to feel the heat. The lake is low with the elodea in full bloom. As I walked the campus this morning, rechecking maintenance improvements, I was struck by what a truly special place the Mount Madonna School and Community is. The turkeys and deer graze the hillsides and the people walk silently to breakfast, enjoying the quiet space interrupted only by bird calls and water flowing.

Students to Dance in Summer Performances

Six Mount Madonna School students will perform as part of Steps Dance Studio’s summer recital series. The performances are planned for June 13-15 at the Henry Mello Center for the Performing Arts in Watsonville.

Show dancers will include: Mariska Goldstein (Pre), Summer Howley (2nd), Kayla Goldstein (2nd), Denali Spector (2nd), Brielle Goldstein (4th), and Cassie Caborn (9th).