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Our Students Perform…

We integrate creative arts and academics with the belief that they are mutually reinforcing. This allows students to discover new gifts and talents and overcome self-perceived limitations. All students study acting, voice, dance, art, creative writing, and participate in the performing arts program.



Our student athletes compete at a top level – on and off the court. The boys and girls high school volleyball program has won numerous Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League and Central Coast Section (CCS) championships, and, in 2007, the girls team won the state championship! Both girls and boys teams have earned the top scholastic honors: “highest team GPAs” in CCS!



Our students have been named as finalists and commended students through the National Merit Scholarship Program. The annual fifth grade class environmental projects have won local, state and national recognition, including the President’s Environmental Youth Award, the Siemen’s national science challenge, the Disney’ Planet challenge, and being named as “Class of the Year” by Save our Shores.


In high school, juniors and seniors take a two-year capstone course, Government in Action/Values in World Thought, in which they study important local, national and international thinkers and leaders. This includes a biennial trip to Washington, D.C., and an international learning journey, where students have interviewed leaders including Nobel Peace Prize recipients Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama..


…and Create

From visual arts and vocal performance to engineering, science and technology our students are encouraged to develop their creative passion. Among the notable achievements in this area are the creation of two on-campus student murals; students recognized in Congressional art competitions, science fair participants at the county and state levels; students’ poetry winning and/or being accepted into a high school poetry competition and anthology; and a recent exhibition of student work hosted by a Santa Cruz County transportation agency.

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