We pursue our values and mission through the integration of Academic Excellence, Creative Self-Expression and Positive Character Development. These principles permeate all we do, and bring depth, meaning and enthusiasm to learning at MMS.

Academic Excellence

We offer a balanced academic program that is developmentally appropriate and prepares students to become life-long learners. With the understanding that children learn best by doing, the Lower School provides a stimulating, secure environment where students build a strong foundation of skills through exploration, critical thinking, inquiry and problem solving. The Upper School builds student independence by providing opportunities and challenges that develop initiative and discipline, preparing students for college and beyond.

Our multi-faceted curriculum engages students through:

  • Cognitive learning - critical thinking, reading, writing and speaking skills; scientific and mathematical investigation; research and problem solving
  • Experiential learning- outdoor education; performances; science life labs; service projects; personal interviews; domestic and international travel
  • Reflective learning -  self-inquiry; journaling; dialogue; presentations; collective problem solving; creative projects

These processes encourage curiosity and help students develop a personal commitment to learning. We want our students to know that trial and error and mistakes are essential to growth and new understanding.

Creative Self-Expression

Creative self-expression is part of all academic coursework. We integrate creative arts and academics with the belief that they are mutually reinforcing. This allows students to discover new gifts and talents and overcome self-perceived limitations.

All students study acting, voice, dance, art, creative writing, and participate in the performing arts program. Our productions demonstrate and encourage the collaborative process. Here, individual effort and a willingness to contribute to the greater whole results in an inspiring and fulfilling experience. Performance builds self-confidence, and collaboration prepares students for effective working relationships well beyond their school years.

Positive Character Development

We recognize that each student’s character is influenced at school by the interaction of the explicit and implicit curriculum. The explicit curriculum is found in the choice of content, activities and materials that shape our program. The implicit curriculum is expressed in our school culture through relationships, teacher modeling and classroom practices. These dynamic processes create a context that promotes learning and positive character development.

We encourage relationships that build trust and safety between teacher and student, peer to peer, and all members of our school community. We focus on learning that brings forth thinking and discussions of ethical relevance. We strive to create opportunities for students to engage in open and honest communication. We work closely with families to encourage a thoughtful exchange of ideas around the many issues that confront youth in our modern society.

We create opportunities for older students to mentor and care for younger students through school-wide activities including theater productions, buddy programs and athletic events. We teach and model responsible citizenship through service projects, civic participation and environmental stewardship.

We offer techniques to support healthy living, reduce stress, enhance physical fitness, and increase personal reflection using yoga and other awareness practices.

Our faculty and families are dedicated to values such as empathy, honesty, forgiveness, respect, cooperation, generosity and kindness. We work together as a community to take responsibility, to practice self-reliance, exercise leadership and integrity, and to assist and care for one another.