Drive for Schools 2019

The Drive for Schools 2019 fundraiser has officially come to an end.

Thank you one and all for your spectacular efforts in supporting Mount Madonna School. Our students sold nearly $17,000 worth of Drive for Schools tickets!

Mount Madonna School relies on fundraisers to make our performing arts and athletics programs available for our students and families to enjoy and learn from. These fundraisers require the support of family, friends and the community. In addition, fundraisers ask of our families’ time and generosity in soliciting for and/or gifting these funds. Mount Madonna School is made possible by everyone’s contributions.

Special thanks and recognition goes to the following students for being our top sellers: Giovanna (20 booklets), Ripley (15 booklets), Ben (11 booklets).

Winners of the drawing can be found on the Drive for Schools website after October 27.

Thank you again, and again! Go Hawks!