Our board is responsible for the organizational health and well-being of Mount Madonna School. The responsibilities, outlined below, are carried out collectively by the full board, in collaboration with the Executive Council:

Strategy and Vision

  • Be well‑informed of our mission and long-range strategies for the sustainability of the school
  • Approve strategic plan, assist in the efforts to achieve our goals, monitor progress and evaluate outcomes

Advocacy and Outreach

  • Serve as an ambassador to key organizational stakeholders, including parents, faculty, students, donors, government entities and other nonprofit/nongovernmental organizations
  • Increase awareness of the school in different networks and communities
  • Represent the school positively both publicly and privately

Development and Fundraising

  • Shape development strategy and help to lead fundraising progress and performance
  • Participate personally in fundraising efforts, including annual giving
  • Identify donor prospects, make introductions, invite them to school events
  • Make a personal leadership gift in order to establish meaningful giving levels
  • Determine major capital campaign projects and assist in fundraising efforts
  • Suggest and review grant recommendations

Financial Oversight

  • Develop basic knowledge of the school’s budget and be responsible for the school’s financial well-being
  • Approve annual operating budget and review year-end financial statements
  • Approve tuition annually
  • Advise the finance committee on major financial priorities related to capital campaigns, loans and adopting financial policies
  • Establish and periodically review investment policies

Leadership Development

  • Approve Executive Council members
  • Identify, cultivate and recruit strong candidates for the Board
  • Complete biannual self-assessment of Board performance

Personal Involvement

  • Attend four board meetings annually
  • Actively participate in events and committees
  • Follow the School’s conflict-of-interest and confidentiality policies

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