About Mount Madonna

Welcome from Mary Supriya McDonald, Head of School

What kind of school do you want for your children and your family?

In today’s busy world, many families are seeking a place where children will be supported in learning and growing and where they will be recognized for their unique gifts. Mount Madonna School is a community of learners. We support our students to become caring, self-aware and articulate critical thinkers, who are prepared to meet challenges with perseverance, creativity and integrity. We believe that a meaningful life is characterized by personal achievement and the ability to work effectively with others in service to society.

As you read through the enclosed materials, come to tour the campus, and meet our faculty and students, we hope you will begin to envision your place here at MMS.

When current parents tell us why they chose MMS, they often refer to the community, the natural environment and our graduates.

Community: Since its inception more than 30 years ago, MMS has grown and thrived through a web of meaningful relationships. Parents, students, faculty and staff work together to be deeply respectful and caring. We are a small school where every person is known, and every person counts.

Environment: Our mountaintop campus is 375 acres of meadow and woodland – parents describe it as a haven where children and families can slow down and appreciate the wonders of our natural world. While it is less convenient than a school down the street, this setting not only contributes to the safety and peace that are essential to the learning that occurs here, but it also provides opportunities for hands- on outdoor education.

Graduates: Many parents have said the qualities they see in our juniors, seniors and graduates convinced them to choose MMS. These young adults know and respect themselves and they care deeply about others and the larger world. Our graduates are committed to being successful in ways that are meaningful and sustainable – making lasting contributions in science, medicine, law, business, education and the arts. They are articulate, gracious, thoughtful and caring human beings.

It is difficult to choose a school. As you look at your options, which one calls to you? Where do you see your child truly flourishing? Where do you see your family being nourished and supported? We hope you will consider Mount Madonna School the right choice for your child and your family.

Mary Supriya McDonald, Head of School