Using SCRIP is simple and our school could earn thousands of dollars every year!



What is SCRIP and why does it matter?

SCRIP is one of the simplest and most effective ways for our school to earn thousands of extra dollars a year in support of our programs without having to spend ANY additional money.

It is now much easier to order Scrip, you can even pay online using PrestoPay!

  • Scrip is school fundraising that won't cost you a dime.
  • Scrip is simple! Purchase gift cards for your weekly shopping at Safeway, Whole Foods, Nob Hill, New Leaf, Staff of Life, Target, Amazon plus many more.
  • Get your cards at the MMS Office
  • When EVERY FAMILY commits to purchasing $100 worth of their weekly groceries using scrip, we will make OVER $19,000  for the school in a single year- this projection does include not using SCRIP and clicking our school account on Amazon Smile (a way to DOUBLE our Scrip earnings) or, using SCRIP when you purchase gas.

Just imagine if we received a percentage of every dollar each of our families spend on gas annually!

Share this information with your friends and family because anyone (grandparents, Uncles and aunts) can use SCRIP and Amazon to benefit our school.

You can download order form(s) below, fill them out, and bring your SCRIP order to the office.




Our children, our school--we all win when we use SCRIP!!

Make your check out to MMS and we can send the cards to you or send them home with your child. Order in the office, or email .

Online ordering available!