Financial Assistance Process 2022-23 – Returning Students

Financial Aid Applications Submitted to NAIS School and Student Services (SSS)

  • Start Date: December 10, 2021
  • Due Date: February 15, 2022
  • $55 fee paid to SSS

It is essential that the SSS be completed online by February 15, 2022 for you to receive priority consideration as a returning family. After February 15, the Financial Assistance Committee reviews and awards grants to new students.


  1. Apply by filling out the NAIS School and Student Services (SSS) form online
  2. Remember to save your pin and password to update your application online.
  3. Our school code is #1867
  4. Pay the $55 fee charged by SSS. This fee can be waived under specific circumstances. Please see their website for more information.
  5. Upload tax return for calendar year 2020 and W-2 or last paystub from 2021 at the time of submission. Applications will not be reviewed until all required documents are uploaded. If you are unable to upload the documents, mail copies to NAIS School and Student Services by the Financial Assistance deadline of February 15.
  6. When you complete your Mount Madonna School online registration, please check the box indicating that you will be applying/have applied for Financial Assistance
  7. Families will be notified in writing via email of award and have 10 business days to accept or reject the offer


  • Financial grants are need based
  • Allowances are made for families with more than one student in the school and who demonstrate need with the higher tuition burden.
  • Families can appeal the financial assistance decision in writing by including additional information not seen on the SSS form.

Mount Madonna School’s open admission and financial assistance policies do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual preference, ethnic origin, disability, marital status, religion, creed or similar factors. This policy applies to all areas of student concerns: admissions, athletics, educational policies, financial assistance, and other school administered programs. Mount Madonna School is committed to maintaining economic diversity within our community of families. We allocate financial grants from our Operating Budget, the Bernice Arnold Scholarship Endowment and special donations designated for Financial Assistance. Grants are based on each family’s economic need, which is assessed independently through the School and Student Services (SSS) provided by the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS).