CSI: Mount Madonna – High School “Sleuths” to Investigate School’s Annual Career Forum

Collaborating in grade-level teams, high school students at Mount Madonna School (MMS) will brush up on their sleuthing skills and question “suspects” to learn about their “crimes” (i.e. career paths) at CSI: Mount Madonna, a career forum event planned for March 13 at Mount Madonna School.

The school’s annual career forum is coordinated by MMS parents; the 2024 parent organizing team is Kevict Yen, Abbie Zands and Nicole Chiala.

While the intent behind the career form – to share with high school students the many diverse (and sometimes non-linear) paths people take to find their careers, as well as introducing them to some lesser-known career options – is serious business, the event’s new “CSI” theme is meant to be engaging and a fun backdrop for learning.

The students will play the role of detectives for a cheesy prime time television show called CSI: Mount Madonna. Their docket for the event is to interview 10 suspects. While students will have no prior knowledge of who the suspects are, they will be provided with a list of 10 crimes (careers paths), and working together will “interrogate”/interview the suspects. Students are invited to dress the part and come disguised as their favorite gumshoe!

Among the careers represented are “suspects” working in cyber security and threat defense, SaaS (Software as a Service) managers, restaurateurs and investors.

“One of the foundational pillars at MMS is creative self-expression and to me, that extends to career as for many of us, our jobs are a significant way in which we identify ourselves,” said Yen. “I approached adult panelists with the specific intention of seeking a diverse field of careers.  I feel it’s important for our students to discover that there are infinite viable options for careers, and that being passionate and proud of what they choose is a key ingredient to personal success and happiness.”


Contact: Leigh Ann Clifton, director of marketing & communications,

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