Growing Up in Santa Cruz, Behind the Teacher’s Desk: “Rebirth” by Lisa Catterall

Growing Up in Santa Cruz, October 2020, Behind the Teacher’s Desk, “Rebirth,” by Lisa Catterall.

Every particle in the universe was once contained in an infinitesimal speck…a theoretical point in the void with no measurement. It must have been very heavy. After an explosion, the particles of the current universe moved rapidly outwards, gathering into tiny molecules then forming and reforming into more organized forms. In the smallest split second, the tiniest moment of this timeline, life on Earth existed and evolved and became the now, 2020.

Some say it is the worst number yet. A complete disaster. A slowly filling “bingo card” of horrific and chaotic events.

Yes, and…

If you are a human being, like me, for whom the reality and horror of systemic racism roils your belly and fills you with anger, fear, sadness, or perhaps depression, this year has become a relief. Finally you see your feelings expressed by the people in your town and all around you, and you know you are not alone, that you can speak up and that the world will change. It may be reborn. Read more