Haiku Homicides: A Murder Documentary – A Class of 2017 Project

English and creative writing teacher Haley Campbell and the Class of 2017 would like to share a project that has been a long time coming! Some of you may have even heard about the “secret project” that the students were working on that they didn’t want anyone to know about until it was complete.

After reading In Cold Blood last year, Campbell¬†mentioned to the students that it would be fun to make an investigative-reports-style documentary as a final project where the students worked together to write a murder mystery, and then senior Aki’o Nanamura could use his videography skills to create the documentary.

“They really ran with the idea,” shared Campbell. “They conceptualized a mystery, determined characters, and each wrote in-depth character stories. They started to put the project together, but it was too much work in the middle of junior year, so it was put aside and resurrected this year.

“Now, a month before they graduate, it is finally complete! The senior class (and particularly Aki’o) put a lot of time into this, so if you’re able to give it a watch and make mention of it to them, I know it would be greatly appreciated.”

warning, content may not be suitable for young viewers 

Watch Haiku Homicides: A Murder Documentary


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