High School Annual Rafting Trip: 2017

Rafting TripWe are very happy to start the year off again with a white water rafting trip on the American River outside of Sacramento. We are contracting with H2O Adventures, who purchased River and Rock last year as our guides and outfitter for the trip.

We leave Tuesday, September 5 and return on Friday, September 8.  Students should bring their bags to the school bus stop if they are bus riders. Buses will transport the students and baggage. Upon arriving at school, please have your child bring their bags behind the Assembly Room. Please do not park in that area as the vans need the space for loading. There will be a short orientation before departure.

Pack a lunch for Tuesday or bring money for lunch on Tuesday and Friday or  any other occasions (recommended $25).

Return: We should arrive at MMS at approx. 5:00 pm. MMS office will send out an automated message regarding any update to the arrival time.

  • High School Rafting Trip – Supplies, Permission and Release 2017