“Into the Woods” Cast List

Congratulations to the cast of “Into the Woods”!

12th Grade
Anya Rapunzel
Bella Sol Little Red Riding Hood
Cooper Jack
Cy Baker’s Wife
Emma Cinderella’s Stepmother
Erik Rapunzel’s Prince
Erin Stepsister Florinda
Ethan Cinderella’s Prince
Irulan Little Bo Peep
Isaiah Baker
Logan Sleeping Beauty’s Prince
Ona Cinderella
Sophia Witch
Wyatt Snow White’s Prince


11th Grade
Amelie Stepsister – Lucinda, Little Red Riding Hood (understudy)
Chloe Jack’s Mother
Emi Sleeping Beauty, Baker’s Wife (understudy)
Lucy Snow White. Stepsister – Florinda (understudy)
Lagi Witchy Crew – Glitch, Witch (understudy)
Mordecai Wolf, Cinderella’s Father, Cinderella’s Prince (understudy)
Nash Mysterious Man, Rapunzel’s Prince (understudy)


10th Grade
Acacia Hansel & Gretel’s Witch, Jack’s Mother (understudy)
Cora Little Red’s Grandmother, Jack (understudy)
Eden Cinderella’s Tree Mom
Gage Hansel, Mysterious Man (understudy)
Hans Sheep Fluff
Kyler Brick House Pig
Lennon Witchy Crew – Snitch
Lucy Witchy Crew – Rich
Mateo Sheep Puff
Nikowa Milky White
Rosemary Gretel, Cinderella (understudy)


9th Grade
Bryahnna Sleepy/Tree
Cameron Grumpy/Tree
David The Golden Harp, Giant’s Voice
Delmi Witchy Crew = Twitch
Gianna Cinderella’s Woodland Bird
Indi Silly/Tree
Kenzie Cinderella’s Woodland Bird, Rapunzel (understudy)
Kiko Cinderella’s Woodland Bird
Mariska Cinderella’s Woodland Bird
Noa Gus Gus the Mouse, Milky White (understudy)
Romy Golden Goose
Shanae Happy/Tree
Solomon Bashful/Tree, Jack (understudy)
Theo Straw House Pig
Vaden Sneezy/Tree
Victory Jacque the Mouse

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