Into the Woods Cast List

Dear Cast, 

Congratulations on your roles.

Some of you, we imagine will be elated, others neutral, and most likely some disappointed. The most important thing now is to move positively forward- those disappointed, unfortunately, that can be a part of casting experience. Hang in there. Avoid too much prejudgment about the worthiness of roles, about what you will or won’t sing, say or dance. As announced, there will be some song and line reassignments.  

Be kind to yourself and others. Also avoid blaming other students for their roles (or even directors for that matter). We have tried our very best to do what is right for the play. Keep in mind your own personal successes within the audition process. An assigned role need not be a marker for your growth, discovery, and abilities. Now is the time to support one another, not by rallying to what is wrong, but more so, to positive opportunities that await. On Wednesday when we gather, let us have our minds and hearts open to making the productions truly great. 


The Directing Team

Sampad, Leah and Mayana