Learning with Buddies: Young Students Celebrate Apples and Friendship

On a recent morning, Mount Madonna School (MMS) preschool and kindergarten students, along with their visiting first and second grade ‘buddies,’ celebrated the fall harvest with an array of apple-themed activities.
‘The students gathered for a special celebration of our good friend, the apple,’ shared teacher and Director of Lower School Jenni Leach. ‘We started our ‘apple morning’ together by having a circle time with our multi-grade buddies. Teacher Cassia Laffin taught songs, I read books and teacher Hema Walker taught a ‘how to make an apple pie’ lesson.’
Over the course of the morning, students were treated to a taste test of five different kinds of apples: Pink Crisps, Braeburn, Fuji, Golden Delicious and Gala. As they chose their favorite variety, they added it to the group ‘apple graph.’
While the tasting was going on, groups of children were peeling and chopping Granny Smith apples and rolling out pie dough to create their own little apple pies. There was apple coloring, and outside play time as well. At the end of the morning the children learned a little bit about graphing as they explored the big apple tasting graph depicting how many children liked the different varieties of apples. Golden Delicious won by a landslide! 
This special buddy day is becoming a new tradition at MMS. Later this month, the students will visit the local organic Live Earth Farm, to explore the wonders of farming together. 
Photos by Jenni Leach
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