Promoting a Positive School Culture: 2022-23 Student Government Representatives

Last week Mount Madonna School (MMS) middle and high school students elected peer representatives to the Student Government Association (SGA). Senior Zoey Ocampo-Sobkoviak, who served as vice president in the 2021-22, ran unopposed and will serve as student body president.

The elected class representatives are: Mariah Cohen and Ocampo-Sobkoviak, grade 12; Logan Shaw and Sophia Manzur, grade 11; Lagi Hunnicutt and Mordecai Coleman, grade 10; Lucy Yen and Rosemary Konviser, grade nine; Vaden Barr, grade eight; Minami Wu, grade seven; and Rebecca Piccardo, grade six.

Middle school grades each chose a single representative; while high school students picked two representatives per grade. All upper school students could vote on the student body president. Student council representatives will serve for the whole school year. At a meeting this week, the council voted Sophia Manzur as vice president, Lagi Hunnicutt as secretary and Mariah Cohen as treasurer.

“I want to help continue the work that our student government started in 2021 with the student spaces, teacher evaluations, prom, and more,” said Ocampo-Sobkoviak. “Moving forward, I hope student government can incorporate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) into our plans so that we can grow sustainably and equitably.”

Among the SGA’s goals this year are to streamline Mount Madonna’s community service hours process and share more volunteerism resources with students.

“Connecting students with organizations early on can help us form lasting interests and a passion for service,” observed Ocampo-Sobkoviak. “I also want to collaborate with faculty, administrators and parents in creating ‘First Friday’ markets where students and other members of the school community can sell their works of art, food, talents and more. I value creativity and believe these markets would be a great way to encourage people to share their artisanship and entrepreneurial skills with the greater community.”

Following are reflections from several representatives on their interest in student government.

“I care about students’ well-being at school, because I know it can be tough and stressful trying to get everything in on time,” commented Mariah Cohen, “I also encourage friendships throughout all the grades to create that sense of community MMS is known for through its activities and events.”

“Everyone deserves for their ideas, thoughts and point of view to be recognized,” commented Lagi Hunnicutt. “I want to join the student council to be able to be there for my peers and let my classmates’ thoughts and feelings be heard.”

“I would be a good student government human because I want to step out of my comfort zone and just have fun and learn from our amazing teachers,” shared Vaden Barr.

“I want to be a class representative because I would like to help my class,” said Rebecca Piccardo, “they were so kind and welcoming when I started here [at MMS]. The least I can do is help our class thrive throughout middle school together.”

The 2020-21 school year was the inaugural year of the MMS Student Government Association. The council is responsible for forming committees to promote representation and ensuring that all students’ voices are heard.


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