Ramayana Casting Reflections

-by the Directing Team: Sampad, Leah, and Mayana

With the audition process complete, it is appropriate to acknowledge the challenges of casting both for performers and directors. For some, this will not be a big issue, while others may experience disappointment. The key is finding a way to move forward positively. Most have heard the statement before- every role is pivotally important-and while a bit of a cliché, it is proven true.

Staring at the cast list, you see a character title or group (like Demon Choir, Monkey or Demon) by your name. We may quickly categorize our roles as good or bad. Mostly, the criteria concerns line or song load, preconceptions about importance of the part or to reactions within the peer group. Since the Ramayana is such a known tradition at our school, lots of prejudgments float about. Usually our roles are much more than anticipated. No matter how the parts have been portrayed in the past, our current version will be different, mainly because we are different, even if reprising a role. Who these characters are, what they do, what dreams or conflicts they experience directly connects to who you are right now and will discover in the span of rehearsal.

If ever there was a play about community, it is the Ramayana, a rich tradition at our school that spans over thirty years, this year involving over 200 performers, as well as the myriad of designers, producers, and artists. Trust the process, trust the directors; embrace your character and enjoy the creative exploration. A positive attitude not only builds community, but also enables expansion of our own talents because we are willing to invest of ourselves.

Disappointment is a natural reaction when we don’t get what we want. One of the great lessons for all us in life, adults and students alike, is handling disappointment, making the best of a given situation and moving forward in a positive way. Friends and families help greatly by encouraging acceptance and openness. Please avoid angry email or phone tirades to the directing team. We have truly tried our best to do what is right for the play.

Congratulations to all for your dedicated efforts and tremendous investment in the audition process. Let’s make Ramayana 2012 a memorable experience for all!


The Directing Team-
Sampad, Leah, and Mayana