Students Run Book Drive Through February 18

Two Mount Madonna School (MMS) high school classmates are running a book drive as part of their Senior Capstone Project. They are accepting donations of new and used books for all ages, and in particular are interested for inclusive books reflecting the diversity of the broader communities.

Donation bins are available by the upper campus school office, the snack bar and at the lower campus Farmhouse office. The deadline for donating books is Friday, February 18. If you are interested in donating a large number of books, please contact MMS.

“The book drive is the main focus of our capstone project because we’ll be able to affect so many different people,” commented senior Blythe Wilson. “When we’re done with the book drive, our project will also work on making a portion of the upper school library available for students to use.”

Some of the donated books will go to the MMS library, while others will be donated to organizations that provide books to incarcerated people and students who lack easy access to books.

“Blythe and I decided to team up on this project because of our shared love for reading and because we wanted to help those without access to books,” commented student Grace Timan. “Our goal for this project was to create spaces, both inside and outside of our school community, for people to enjoy literature.”


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