Why Performing Arts?

Mount Madonna School (MMS) values the arts and offers a vibrant performing arts program geared to building confidence, character, and community in our student body. Physical movement, creative expression, and cognitive activities such as memorizing lines stimulate new neural pathways and aid in supporting the growth and development of our students’ minds. Our performing arts program weaves together the fabric of vocal, dance, acting, stagecraft, choreography and directing. Achieving personal accomplishments is an integral part of the mission of MMS. Our students gain a strong sense of accomplishment when they showcase their discipline, craft and talents in multiple theatrical productions each year. 

Performing arts provides students with meaningful learning opportunities and challenges them to express their individuality in a safe and nurturing environment, while developing a range of creative talents and transferable learning skills. The process of performing arts encourages students to take risks, explore their expressive abilities, reflect on their growth and their peers’ growth and build confidence. 

Performing arts invites students to enter an imaginary world and explore how characters navigate their culture and society. By showcasing their creative abilities on stage, students develop confidence in their identity. They challenge themselves to become risk-takers facing their fears, pushing their boundaries, and working at the cusp of their competencies.

Performing arts is a collaborative artistic process that encourages students to work together to create something greater than themselves and navigate their roles and responsibilities in a group endeavor. Through performing arts, students gain a strong sense of personal identity and accomplishment. As a result of this meaningful learning process, students forge strong bonds with their peers, teachers and school community. 

At MMS, we provide ample opportunities for all students to perform theatrically for an audience. This year, all students will continue to develop their creative talents. We envision individual classes in elementary, middle and high school performing for audiences at our outdoor amphitheater. The performing arts team plans to offer voice and choice in the program by collaborating with middle and high school students to craft revues where students perform a series of thematic songs, dance and scenes. These smaller revues will allow more students opportunities to shine in featured roles. 

Mount Madonna is steeped in tradition. One rite of passage, which has entertained audiences for more than 40 years, is our whole-school production of the Ramayana!, an ancient Indian epic poem depicting the struggle between good and evil. Aligned with our commitment to being nimble this year, our talented and committed performing arts team is designing two options for the production of the Ramayana!. If permitted, MMS would continue its tradition of hosting the Ramayana! at the Mexican Heritage Theater in San Jose. A different option with an avant-garde twist is offering a physically distanced, outdoor Ramayana! Festival complete with live performances of dramatic scenes, dances, and songs from the Ramayana! as well as art exhibits and booths with crafts and games. Although we are realigning our performing arts program to reflect the current times, we are maintaining its core values, traditions and guiding principles. As MMS traditions evolve, we invite all to participate as a community with open hearts and minds.