Academic Program

We design activities to develop rational, logical thinking as well as creative, imaginative expression. Homework is included at all levels to develop responsibility and to extend classroom learning into the home.


Language Arts Curriculum

The language arts processes of listening, speaking, reading and writing help students to develop critical thinking skills and develop students’ positive attitudes about themselves and others through:

  • Frequent experiences of literature read aloud
  • Storytelling enactment
  • Rhymes and songs
  • Cooperative group work
  • Formal and informal presentations

The goal of our reading program is to develop students who can:

  • Read independently at levels appropriate for their grade
  • Read confidently for enjoyment and increasing their knowledge
  • Interpret, evaluate and apply what they read


Math Curriculum

The math program in the elementary grades is structured so that the students will learn to:

  • Explore, investigate and discover the joys of mathematics
  • Participate in a classroom atmosphere that fosters the development of logical thinking and problem solving
  • See the relationships between the variety of mathematical skills and concepts
  • Understand the important computation skills needed at all levels in math
  • Use computers and calculators as mathematical tools.

Curriculum Guide