Learning Journeys

Our learning journeys are designed to enhance our science, health and social studies units. Trips encourage the bonding of friendships between students, staff and parents. Some of our day trips include the Santa Cruz County Fair, the Tech Museum in San Jose, Mission San Juan Bautista , Monterey Bay Aquarium, Ano Nuevo and the UCSC Life Lab.

Third and Fourth Grades Science Camp, Sacramento and Montara Trips

Third and Fourth grade students go on overnight trips including a  2-day trip to either Sacramento or Montara Lighthouse Coastal area  and a 3-day science camp at the Sierra Outdoor School near Sonora, CA

Fifth Grade Camping Trip

This trip is a 5-day excursion into a wilderness area, a tradition at the school since 1983. During our trip to one of these areas students are involved in activities that develop self-and group-awareness, positive social skills and environmental consciousness.