College Advisory

At Mount Madonna School we strive to provide a comprehensive, student-centered, college advisory program. Our small class sizes make it possible to truly understand the needs and desires of each student we work with. This individualized approach allows us to work with students and their families to find the “best college fit.” We understand that when it comes to education, “success” looks different for each person. We strive to find the best academic, social, environmental and financial “fit” for each student. This work entails helping students with self-exploration, college selection, and visits, standardized testing, essay writing, applying for financial aid, and choosing a college to attend.

Our formal College Counseling program begins the second semester of 11th grade. We begin meeting bi-monthly with students. We introduce them to the various applications, help them research colleges and create their “right fit” college list, help them prepare for college visits and interviews, discuss testing options and begin to help them develop ideas and skills for their college essays. We typically hold 1-2 essay workshops the summer between junior and senior year.

In the fall we host College Admission reps from a variety of colleges. During these visits students have the opportunity to meet with the reps, hear about the many wonderful college experiences available and speak with each representative individually.

Admission counselors can now go to Scoir to schedule an appointment with our high school.

Senior year we meet with our students weekly, for the first semester. We help them navigate all aspects of the college application process; applications, essays, recommendations, managing transcripts, testing, and give them resources to help with the financial aid process.

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