Performing Arts

We believe that students can learn many important life skills through dramatic performance. They can learn poise and confidence in public speaking, responsible participation in a group endeavor, introspection through character development, and deep understanding of the creative process. All students participate in the drama program.


The high school sponsors two major dramatic events during the year. In the winter there is an all high school production that has included such plays as Footloose, Fiddler on the Roof, Romeo and Juliet, Into the Woods and Once Upon a Mattress .  In the spring there is a school-wide production of The Ramayana!, an ancient Indian classic depicting an adventurous struggle between the forces of good and evil. This production gives the high school students the opportunity to lead the entire school in a musical drama, which is attended by over 1500 people each year. The Ramayana production brings students, family members and community together in a joint effort and demonstrates the many fruits of intergenerational cooperation.

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