Learning Journeys – India

Seniors travel each year to India. On these journeys students conduct interviews with leading world thinkers, and interact with people of whom live in very different economic and cultural circumstances. This offers students new insights and perspectives on how life is lived, and helps them understand the privileges that we as Americans often take for granted.  The process of interviewing people in positions of high responsibility and service to society builds confidence, helps students imagine a wider range of possibilities for what they can do with their lives. It also develops skills in research, language, and the intuitive process of knowing how to engage respectfully through asking questions.

The Ashakiran Project

“Ashakiran” is a Sanskrit word that translates to “Ray of Hope"!

The 2021 trip to India was virtual due to Covid-19. While there are many organizations and people we would have met with if we were able to travel in person, we have still been able to arrange several Zoom meetings and appreciate our experience in this new format!

Students chronicled their experiences on their blog.

Mount Madonna High’s senior class embarked on the school's learning journey in April 2019 to India to meet with leaders, including the Dalai Lama, making positive change in their communities.

India Journey Videos

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