Buddy Science: Students Kayak and Learn Together at Elkhorn Slough

Mount Madonna School teachers Lisa Catterall and Hamsa Heinrich smiled and looked on as about 30 students frolicked together at the shoreline, enjoying a break after a morning of kayaking together at Elkhorn Slough.

“My favorite moment was at lunch when we played at sinking down to our knees in the wet sand, and discovered all kinds of interesting life in the mud-flats,” said twelfth grader Aimee Hopkins. “We even found a red ghost shrimp.”

Outdoor ‘Buddy’ Lessons: Students Learn About Earth Sciences, Biology, and Building Community

With so many parents seeking out positive learning experiences for their children, teachers and administrators are often asked just what it is that sets their school apart. At Mount Madonna School (MMS), located atop a mountain overlooking the Monterey Bay, the inspiring natural environment of 355 acres of redwood forests and oak meadows is one significant and unique offering for local students and their families.