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Student Spotlight: Lena Wiley

-Name, age, school, grade, city of residence
Lena Wiley, 17, Mount Madonna School, senior, Watsonville
-What inspires you? 
I am inspired by how vast the world is and how much is possible for me to do and see in it. The community also inspires me, along with the great things people have created and accomplished by working together.
-What is your favorite subject in school, and why?
Womens ‘Herstory,’ because we learn about women and the feminist movement throughout American history, and discuss prevalent current gender issues.

Colorful Journey: Students Explore India’s Epic History and Vibrant Culture

Along the banks of the Yamuna River, thousands of red sandstone bricks used to construct the Lal-Qila , or Red Fort of Delhi, gleam in the bright afternoon sun. This extensive compound, built between 1639 and 1648, is today a World Heritage Site and one of India’s architectural ‘jewels.’ It is also one of numerous places that Mount Madonna School elementary students have learned about in preparation for Mount Madonna School’s (MMS) annual Cultural Awareness event, planned for March 28 and 29. This popular assembly showcasing elementary students’ dramatic talents and creativity is the culmination of two months of focused study on a particular world culture: this year, the epic history and colorful diversity of India.